The Hong Kong Professional Counselling Association Limited (HKPCA) was incorporated under the Company Ordinance in 1995. Recognising the need for an indigenous organisation in promoting professional standard and developing counselling services locally, the HKPCA was founded by experienced practitioners and academics in the field who have been associated with the Association of Psychological and Educational Counsellors of Asia (Hong Kong Branch) since its inception in 1978.



Incorporated as a limited company in Hong Kong under the Companies Ordinance


Inauguration Ceremony

Inauguration Ceremony for the founding of HKPCA with six categories of general membership


Biannual Conference

Biannual Conference held in cooperation with Capitol Normal University, Beijing with the theme “Psychological Counselling in Chinese Communities: The Road toward Professionalism”

Publication of Asian Journal of Counselling

Publication of Asian Journal of Counselling in cooperation with the Hong Kong Institute of Educational Research, Chinese University of Hong Kong


Junior Member was given voting right


Biannual Conference

Biannual Conference held in cooperation with Hong Kong Baptist University on “Structural Family Therapy: Applications to Asian Chinese Families; and Filial Therapy: Innovative Family Counselling for Families”

Outstanding Social Worker election

The Hong Kong Social Workers Association invited HKPCA to send a representative to serve on the evaluation panel of the Outstanding Social Worker election


Biannual Conference

Biannual Conference “From Quality Assurance to Quality Enhancement” held in cooperation with Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

Work began to build a two-tier membership structure as an advancement toward professional certification

Supportive Supervision Scheme Advisory Committee was set up for a two-year term


International Conference

International Conference “Counselling Youth in Transition: Innovations in Research and Practice” held in cooperation with Chinese University of Hong Kong


  • Establishment of Certified Counsellor as professional membership
  • Institutional Member was discontinued as a category of general membership

International Conference

International Conference “Coming Together of Neighbours” held in cooperation with Hong Kong Polytechnic University


Satir World Conference

Satir World Conference “Synergy for a Peaceful World” held in cooperation with Hong Kong Satir Centre and Hong Kong Baptist University


  • Revision completed for HKPCA Code of Ethics;
  • Accreditation of seven postgraduate counselling programs began with the establishment of the Program
  • Accreditation Sub-Committee under the Membership and Professional Standards Committee


Invitation began for Honorary Consultants


Associate Member was added as a new category of general membership


  • Provision of professional indemnity insurance for members;
  • Total headcount of all categories of membership exceeds 1,000;
  • Setting up of Professional Issue and Advocacy Committee


  • HKPCA website revamping completed
  • Joint membership with Professional Teacher Union, Hong Kong


International Conference “Professional Counsellors Add Values to Educational, Social, Medical and Commercial Sectors”


  • Establishment of Ethical Complaint Handling Panel
  • Signing Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Australian Counselling Association


  • Starting MOU / Collaboration with Singapore Association for Counselling