Welcome from the President

Welcome to the website of the Hong Kong Professional Counselling Association (HKPCA). This website aims to provide useful information on professional development, network, publications, standards, and advocacy to counsellors and counselling educators. It also provides a platform to help service users find qualified counsellors.

HKPCA is the most historical and largest organization representing Professional Counsellors in Hong Kong with over 1,200 listed members as at July 2018. Its missions are to gather most professional counsellors to promote the standard of practice of counselling in Hong Kong, to build professional network, to advance researches including the publication of researches in the field of counselling, to establish ethical standards and provide guidance for counselling education in Hong Kong as well as to enhance the understanding and acceptance of counselling and to develop and maintain counselling services for the promotion of mental health in society.

HKPCA members have to abide by the HKPCA Code of Ethics. The Code provides clear guidelines to monitor our conduct with the clients and the community that we serve in different capacities.

As a developing profession in Hong Kong, the HKPCA Council has to face lots of challenges ahead and we are looking at ways to promote our solidarity and professional development. In recent years, we are actively working towards becoming more supportive to our members, to expand membership, to provide continuing education opportunities, to promote professional registration and give impetus to educate the public.

Professor NG Yat Nam Petrus