Total Number of Certified Counsellors : 366 persons
Dr. Ann Tien Yan Ling Mok

An Approved Counselling Supervisor of HKPCA, and a Registered Psychologist with HKPS. EdD in Psychology (Australia), MA in Counselling Psychology (U.S.), and BSc in Psychology (Canada). Have been a full-time Counsellor/Administrator with over 20 yrs of experience in counselling adolescents, adults, and families in HK and abroad. Also lecture part-time in HK universities.
Prof. Atara Sivan

Professor Atara Sivan is an EMDR Certified Trainer by the American EMDR Institute, Inc. (USA), President of the EMDR Association of Hong Kong (‘EMDRHK’) and the Head of the Department of Education Studies of the Hong Kong Baptist University. I obtained her BA and MA in Education majoring in Youth Counseling, my PgDE in Israel and Ph.D. in Education at the University of Hong Kong. I am also a Gestalt Therapist trained and certified by the Gestalt Associates Training in Los Angeles. Drawing on my successful use of EMDR in practice in Hong Kong, Israel, and Europe and seeing the benefits of EMDR therapy for Hong Kong community, I founded, in 2002 and together with good colleagues, the EMDR Association of Hong Kong (‘EMDRHK’). Under my leadership, EMDRHK has been training hundreds of Hong Kong therapists and promoting EMDR practice, research and education within Hong Kong and the region. I am also a board member of EMDR Asia Association.  I have published extensively on a range of areas including youth development, leisure education and learning communities through books and journal articles. I am regularly invited as a keynote speaker to international conferences and serve as an executive and board member of several NGOs, schools and community chest associations in Hong Kong, helping people in need. In recognition of my contribution, I am the recipient of several prestigious awards including International Award for Excellence in Teaching, Learning and Technology; Hillel Ruskin Memorial Scholar Lecture Award; George Torkildsen Literary Award; and 2015 HKBU Knowledge Transfer Award.
Prof. AU Cheung Kong

Professor and Supervisor (Counselling Studies)
Mr. AU Man Lok

Ms. AU YEUNG Chi Hing

Ms. BAO Yuet Mui Yumenia


Ms. CHAI Wan Wan

Dr. CHAN Ah Sin Elite

Being the family and marital therapist for more than 10 years, I have passion in couple counseling since they are the soul of the family.
Moreover, I really believe that an adequate person will bring to an adequate partner, an adequate partner will bring to an adequate parent, self-growth is important for a person. I have desire to integrate physical, psychological, spiritual aspects for a holistic approach to build up a person. Therefore, I delivered spiritual formation and guidance for those who have interest to deepen their faith and relationship with the devine.
Ms. CHAN Au Lee Ellie

I retired since 2017 from being an associate professor of counseling at China Graduate school of theology. I have a counseling private practice and occasionally teach as an adjunct faculty . My areas of interest are family of origin work , marriage and family counseling, recovery from codependency, integration of faith and counseling, group therapy etc .
Ms. CHAN Fung Mei

Senior Programme Coordinator
Ms. CHAN Hing Ling

Mr. CHAN Ho Shan

Spencer Chan
Is here to walk with you in a journey to re-discover ownself, upon your stories in which you have your themes of life, care and concerns with your partners, important others.

Take the newly discovered self to the new wonders and encounters of tomorrow with love and dreams.

Ms. CHAN Ho Yee

Certified Play Therapist, Counsellor
Mr. CHAN Ka Chun

Junior Research Assistant
Mr. CHAN Kai Nin Joseph

Mr. CHAN Kam Ming

Ms . CHAN Kim Yan

Mr. CHAN King For

Ms. CHAN Kit Man

Psychotherapist, Certified Counsellor
Provides individual counselling service for adult and elderly; and psychoeducational service, talk and group, for NGO and Corporate.
Ms. CHAN Kit Ping

Teaching Assistant
Mr. CHAN Kwok Kai

Senior Social Worker and Experienced Fieldwork Supervisor. Certificated Strengths Based Supervisor. Specialism in Children and Adolescent Mental Health, Mental Health, Drug Addiction, Youth Work and Parenting Education.
Prof. CHAN Lai Wan Cecilia

Professor Cecilia Lai Wan Chan was Si Yuan Chair Professor of Health and Social Work in the Department of Social Work and Social Administration of the University of Hong Kong before her retirement in 2020. She is currently Professor Emeritus of the University of Hong Kong. She is a world leader in Integrative Body-Mind-Spirit (IBMS) Intervention. She adopted IBMS in group therapy for persons with special needs. Her intervention can result in physiological outcome and improvement on bio-markers of the participants.
Ms. CHAN Ling Hin Adeline

Dr. CHAN Lit Man Lismen

DBA, MBA, MBuddhStud, MSocSc Counseling, MA Philosophy

HKPCA Approved Counseling Supervisor, Certified Counselor, and Associate Fellow
Private and voluntary practices on Existential-Humanistic Depth Counseling, Mental Health Counseling, Philosophical Counseling, Life Coaching, Executive Coaching, and Change Management Consulting. Over 15 years of leadership roles in executive development and organizational transformation for major corporations. Over 15 years of clinical counseling experience with clients with mental health and well-being needs. Inquiries: WhatsApps/Signal 51875844

Ms. CHAN Lok Yan Amy

Dr. CHAN Mei Lo Elda

Elda has over 30 years experiences in treatment of mental health issues including acquired brain injury, addictive disorders, couple and family issues, leadership training, student guidance, special education needs and other mental health issues. Elda has strong supervision and administrative skills and has established and managed number of counselling services and projects in the past 20 years. Elda is passionate in training and nurturing young mental health professionals. She has delivered over 200 training courses to social workers, psychologists, teachers and healthcare professionals. Elda has rich experiences in cross-professional collaborations and facilitated integrated healthcare programs. She is currently the Director of St. John’s Cathedral Counselling Service, also a clinical supervisor of the MSocSc in Counselling, University of Hong Kong, and Honorary Faculty in Division of Addiction, Cambridge Health Alliance. 
Dr. CHAN Mow Chiu Raymond

Mrs. CHAN Peggy

Mr. CHAN Po Chiu

本人從事社福界及社工教育界超過34年,除了社工督導及社工教育外,還專注輔導方面的培訓(Solution Focused Therapy, FT 尋解導向治療)近年成功開發本土第一個面談輔導模式:「問題.成因.解難」面談模式(PCS Interviewing Model)。
《「三文治雙蛋」之面談輔導篇–PCS面談模式 認知行為治療 尋解導向治療》
《社會工作導讀–個人工作 PCS面談模式》
現時兼職輔導(個人/家庭輔導、輔導督導及企業培訓)及社工督導。本人為達致薪火相傳的心願,受導督學員可以免費列席修讀本人教導的課程(SFT 及 PCS Interviewing Model)
Dr. CHAN Po On Ella

Bachelor of Arts (HKU)
Master of Arts in Education (CUHK) major in Guidance & Counseling;
Guidance Specialist, York University,
Ontario, Canada;
Doctor of Education (CUHK) in Counseling
Trained in Gestalt Institute of Toronto;
Experienced educator & counselor (HK & Canada)

Global Career Development Facilitator (GCDF) & Trainer, CCE/ National Board for Certified Counselors, USA 
Certified Teacher and Parent Educators for Parents and Teachers in Positive Discipline, USA
Master Trainer, Instructor & Certified Career Service Provider, National Career Development Association, USA

Ms. CHAN Sai Ying

Ms. CHAN Sau Man Renee

Ms. CHAN Shuk Wa Gloria

Ms. CHAN Siu Ping

Doctor of Psychology in Family and Marriage Therapy
Ms. CHAN Siu Yi, Dauza

Ms. CHAN Suk Ying Sue

Ms. CHAN Sze Wing Cecily

American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy Clinical Member and Approved Supervisor
Have been doing family therapy for 18 years.  
Seeing individual, couple and family for various issues.
Ms. CHAN Sze Yan Joyce

Joyce works in private setting. She uses an integrative approach to help clients working in the areas of depression, anxiety, relationships, self-harm, and family issues. She also has extensive training in using Play Therapy skills (from non-directive to directive Theraplay and Group Play Therapy) to work with young children. Please go to the website ( to find out more.
Dr. CHAN Tak Mau

Simon is an experienced counselor and family therapist, with private practice experience. He got direct training and supervision from the Masters of family therapy, like Steve de Shazer and Insoo Kim Berg, Salvador Minuchin, Wai-yung Lee, Michael White and Leslie Greenberg. He is now a full-time teaching faculty at HKBU.
Ms. CHAN Tak Wai Winnie

Counselling Assistant at CUHK
Ms. CHAN Tiffany Lynnette

Educational Qualifications
Ph.D. in Counseling & Psychological Studies (Regent University, USA)
Master of Arts in Social Work (Family-Ctr Practice & Family Therapy) (PolyU, HK)
Master of Divinity (China Graduate School of Theology, HK)
Professional Qualifications
American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT) Clinical Fellow & Approved Supervisor
Hong Kong Marriage and Family Therapy Association (HKMFTA) Certified Marriage & Family Therapist & Approved Clinical Supervisor
Canadian Association for Marriage & Family Therapy (CAMFT) Registered Marriage & Family Therapist
The Hong Kong Professional Counseling Association (HKPCA) Certified Counselor
Mr. CHAN Tsz Hin

Master of Arts in School Guidance and Counselling, CUHK 
Certified Career Services Provider, NCDA 
Work as a Guidance Counselor at school 
Bible Study; Comprehensive Guidance and Counseling Program; Adlerian therapy; Humanistic-Existential approach.
Mr. CHAN Wai Kei

Psychological Counsellor (private practice)
Ms. CHAN Wai Man Alice

Ms. CHAN Wan Yee

Ms . CHAN Wing Sze, Celia

Ms. CHAN Yim Lai Helen

Ms. CHAN Ying Ching

Mr. CHAU Wing Hung

-Working in school fields many years.
-Conducting supervision to current teachers and social workers.
-Advocating positive counselling psychology with mindfulness
Ms. CHEN Dunya Donna

Volunteer Counselor
Mrs. CHENG Gloria K.P.

Dr. CHENG Koi Keung, Mile

I specialize in handling the symptoms of anxiety, depression, panic attack, insomnia, emotional regulation (such as anger burst), trauma, OCD and addiction. In my practice, I also devote much of my time to assist communications between couples and help narrow generation gaps. I have witnessed many clients with emotional problems who do not know themselves at the hidden deeper mental level, thus trapped from within. A counsellor is a well trained, certified willing listener who is devoted to be with the client at times of difficulties and adjustments. My biggest reward is, therefore, able to help them.
Ms . CHENG Lok Yin

Ms. CHENG Sik Yu

“The person is not the problem, theproblem is the problem” (Michael White and David Epston). Jenny engages thisideology with cases (practice over 400 hours) in Christian New Life Associationwhich caters in-patient rehabilitation to the male adult with substance abusesince 2017. Taking the traumatic stories with respect and care, Jenny facilitatespeople to view and describe their problems with a wider and thickerperspectives and choose to respond in a way that can represent their faith andlife commitment. As an active member of Narrative Community, she and her peershave developed a diabetes patient therapeutic support group to assist thediabete patients to re-author the problem saturated story (chronic illness andthe complications) and achieve harmony between oneself and disease. Besides shefrequently takes the leading role in several Narrative Therapy introductorycourses and monthly seminars which aims to develop a supportive, non-blamingand caring group during the pandemic. Jenny continues to work with adolescentsand adults on life issues under the umbrella of Community Matters in practice.
Ms. CHENG Siu Ping

Dr. CHENG WONG Long Chi Rinna

Dr. Wong obtains clinical practice training in University of Hong Kong. She has counseling experience with children, youth, family and people with mental illness. Since 1988, she started teaching social work, psychology and counseling in CityU and CCCU
Mr. CHEUNG Chi Wai

Ms. CHEUNG Fung Yee

Training Consultant in Centre for Suicide Research and Prevention, HKU
Suicide Prevention Trainer
Strengths-based counsellor
Dr. CHEUNG Kit Ying Andy

Mr. CHEUNG Kwan Pui
張君培 先生

Master of Arts in Social Work (Family-centred Practice & family Therapy) (PolyU)
Master of Arts in Social Work (Mental Health)

Master of Social Sciences in counselling (CityU)

For inquiries, welcome to visit my website:

Ms . CHEUNG Man Wai Chloe

Chloe is passionate to empower individuals to live their lives fully and purposefully, and revitalize couples and family to enhance relationships. 

Areas of Expertise:
– Emotional Distress Counselling
– Personal Growth
– Marital Counselling
– Family Dynamics Counselling


With solid teaching, business and counselling experiences, Kit’s life mission is to walk through the seemingly painful yet fruitful journey with those in need with talking cure (for adults) and play therapy (for children and adolescents). For inquiries, pls call 9731 4633 / visit
Ms . CHEUNG Pak Lai Sunny

Student Counsellor
Dr. CHEUNG Pui Chi Ginette

Ginette experiences in helping individuals with emotional or psychological issues to regain their confidence, release their stress and alleviate their negative emotions through psychotherapies and group counselling services. You are welcomed to visit to learn more.
Dr. CHEUNG Pui Kei Eleanor

Ms. CHEUNG Pui Sze Gabie

Ms. CHEUNG Pui Yin Edwina

Ms. CHEUNG Sau Mee

Ms. CHEUNG Suk Ying Cammy

Private Practice as a Psychotherapist, Marital counsellor and Clinical supervisor in Heart Square Counselling Services:
Professional Qualification:
Supervisor and Professional member of Satir Model,
AEDP Therapist and Certified Supervisor
EFT Couple Practitioner
Certified EMDR Therapist (China)
Somatic Experiencing Practitioner and Approved Assistant in all Levels and Sessional Provider in Intermediate Level
Have 34 years of working experiences in Social Welfare field .Specialized in working with clients with different mental problems, PTSD and Childhood injury and Trauma
Dr. CHEUNG Wai Leung Raysen

Ms. CHEUNG Yin Ming

Ms. CHIM Iok Peng

Letgo Counseling Service
Dr. CHIN Fung

Ms. CHIU Chui Sheung

Psychological Counsellor
Dr. CHIU Renee

Lecturer, HKBU
Mr. CHIU Wai Lim William

Consultant at Hong Kong Institute of Bank
Ms. CHIU Wing Yee Grace

Ms. CHIU Yiu Sum Eugnice

Having worked in non-profit organizations for over ten years, Ms. Chiu is a well-seasoned counselor in training for former mentally-challenged individuals, ingle-parent families with adaptation difficulties, couples facing with marriage crises, and emotionally-disturbed parents. She is playing a supervisory role and is registered at the HKPCA and Australian Counselling Association as a clinical supervisor.
Ms. Chiu’s supervision strategy is focusing on self awareness through clinical experience and expect supervisees to open for dynamic views on clinical issues.
Eugnice was professionally trained in “holistic counselling”, “psychodynamic psychotherapy”, “emotionally focused therapy”, “family systems therapy”, and is specialized in providing relationship therapy, personal growth (especially for new counsellors), as well as individual and group counseling.
Mr. CHO Kin Tat

Voluntary Assistant Pastor
Ms. CHOI Po Yi

Dr. CHOI Siu Yuk Tenor

Clinical Psychologist, Satir Therapist and Supervisor. Agency Supervisor at Body-Mind-Spirit Growth Center, Experienced Satir trainer for self development workshop. Experienced assessor and trainer and counselor for dementia client and families.
Ms. CHOI Wai Man

Mr. CHONG Kin Sun

Ms . CHONG Pui Sie

Prof. CHOW Amy Yin Man

Ms. CHOW Miu Yee Susanna

Ms. CHOW Oi Chau Ruby

Part time counsellor
Ms. CHOW Suk Mui

Ms. CHOW Tsz Man

I provide individual psychotherapy to people who suffered from various mental health issue, as well as those who experienced relationship, personal growth, trauma and attachment problem. With extensive training in numerous psychotherapy approaches, including Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy, I had been equipped to be a passionate, empathetic and competent counsellor to work with clients in the counselling journey. I believe that everyone has the ability to cope and recover from life’s challenges.
Mr. CHOW Wai Ho


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4.《改寫未來的9種生存力》2015(合著)(第2屆金閱獎 科技生活組,最佳書籍)

Mr. CHOW Wai Kit

Specialized in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and children motivation for learning.
Mr. CHOY Ka Yu

Ms. CHOY Wai Wan Stella

Founder of STPlay Counselling Centre, Certified Counsellor, Play Therapist, Senior Speech Therapist. Supervises graduate level counsellors at HKU, guest Lecturer of PolyU, OUHK.
Author of 2 books: 
Positive Parenting – 99 Phrases to Your Kids
Play Out Parent-child bonding – 52 activities
Ms. CHOY Yin San Catherine

Personal and Marriage Counsellor, Private Practice
Certified Emotion-Focused Therapy Trainer, isEFT
Ms. CHU Chung Man

婚前 / 婚姻輔導、個人成長、家庭輔導
Mr. CHU Wun Yin

Student Counsellor
Ms. CHU Yin Ha

Dr. CHUI Tsz Yeung Harold

Harold Chui is an Associate Professor in the Department of Educational Psychology at The Chinese University of Hong Kong. His interests include counselling process and outcome, counsellor training and supervision, and teacher and student mental health.
Prof. CHUI Yat Hung

Prof. Chui is a Chartered Psychologist and Registered Social Worker; Fellow, Certified counselor and Approved Counselling Supervisor of HKPCA. He is now the Acting Dean of Faculty of Social Sciences, Head and Professor of the Dept of Applied Social Sciences, HKCT Institute of Higher Education. He has taught various courses in HKU, CUHK and PolyU with specialization in career and educational counselling and working with young people.
Dr. CHUNG Chi Yuen

Dr. Stanley Chung PsyD, EdD, CPsychol, AFBPsS, RSW, ACounS, CCoun
Dr. Stanley Chung is a Chartered Psychologist of British Psychological Society and a Registered Social Worker in Hong Kong. He was the Guest Lecturer for the MA in Educational Counselling Program at the Education University of Hong Kong. 
Ms . CHUNG Hiu Tung, Hilton

Social Worker
Dr. CHUNG Lai Ping

Ms. CHUNG Man Wai

Mr. CHUNG Ming Ho

Ms. CHUNG Pui Ming
鍾佩明 女士

Mr. CHUNG Sing Hei

Mrs. DELONG Yukiyo

Children/Adolescents and Parenting
Mrs. DESPRETZ Valerie

Counsellor of FOCUS Psychological Enrichment Centre Co. Ltd.
Ms. DOO Shui Ley Shirley

Mental Health Counsellor 
Ms. FAN Ho Yan

Special Child Care Worker
Ms. FONG Kin Ching Helah

HKPCA Associate Fellow, Certified Counselor & Approved Supervisor
Registered Marriage and Family Therapist (HKMFTA)
Experienced Counseling Practitioner & Clinical Supervisor
Registered Occupational Therapist (HK) 
Ms. FONG Lai Ching

Ms. FOONG Wai Yee

Mrs. FUNG CHOW Lock Sze

Taylor-Johnson Temperament Analysis執行師(183547)  
Prepare / Enrich (婚前/婚後)認證輔導員(8523658)
Dr. FUNG Lai Chu Annis

Associate Professor, Dept. of Social and Behavioural Sciences, City University of Hong Kong, Programme Leader of MSS in Counselling Programme (MSSC), Ex-President of Hong Kong Professional Counselling Association (HKPCA), Associate Fellow, Approved Supervisor, & Certified Counsellor (HKPCA)
Ms. FUNG Wing Lam

Psychological Counsellor
Ms . GAN Xiao Lin

Careers Counselor
Ms . HAU Man Heung

Mr. HO Chi Hung

Since 2015, ChiHung has been providing counselling services to adolescents and adults, either on volunteer basis in an NGO or through private practices, helping clients relieve distress resulting from academic studies, career development, personal and marital relationships.  Lately, ChiHung is also offering volunteer counselling services to elderlies in an NGO.
Dr. HO Kit Wan

Assistant Professor at Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Ms. HO Mei Sheung

I’m a marriage and family therapist and psychologist counselor in private practice providing professional counseling services to people in relationship crises and trauma. I worked for over ten years with distress couple, women in divorce, parenting education, depressive disorder, and anxiety disorder.  My clinical interests in both research and practice include depression, anxiety, distress family, working with women after divorce, intergenerational issues in families, transcultural work, and anti-oppressive approaches, as well as the application of concepts from mindfulness in modern psychotherapy and emotion-focused therapy. I provide therapy services and divorce recovery groups in Cantonness, English, and mandarin.

I’m a graduate of the master’s in marriage and family therapy program at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University in Hong Kong and a student of Doctor of Psychology in marriage and family therapy.  My research topic is an emotion-focused divorce recovery group for women. 
 My mission is to help the clients gain awareness and overcome in their distress that drives toward self-actualization. I empathize with a holistic approach and view my clients as a “whole person.”  I encourage clients a self-awareness and self-exploration.   I believe emotional regulation is the core of interpersonal dynamics between couples and family. I help the couples and family developing the capacity to transform problematic interaction to new emotional experiences of mutual openness, responsiveness, and validation. 

Ms. HO Pik Yi

Ms . HO Sheung Pui Polly

Ms. HONG Shiu Ching Ada

Ms. HUI Lok Ting

Prof. HUNG Suet Lin

Head, Department of Social Work, Hong Kong Baptist University.
Ms. HUNG Yuet Mui Sally

Dr. IP Chi Shun

Mrs. IP YIM Yan Mun Bonny

Dr. Jane Mann

Assistant Professor
Mr. JIAN Peng Yu

Ms. KAN Lai Yan

Children and youth counselling, family counselling and Christian counselling
Ms. KAN Pui Yin Louise

Ms. KEI Sik Man

Ms. KO Emily

Psychological Counsellor
Dr. KO Sik Nin John

MBBS (HKU) MRCPsych (UK) FRCPSYCH, MSocSc in Counseling (cityU), FHKAM (psychiatry), specialist in psychiatrist,
worked in Kwai Chung Hospital, Prince of Wales Hospital, Union Hospital, Queen Mary Hospital, Kowloon Hospital,
previous part time lecturer in City University in Psychopathology, previous supervisor in Master of Counseling, Supervisor in HKPCA,
specializing in psychotherapies, liaison psychiatry, spiritual counseling, positive psychology, MBSR, MBCT, CBT, ACT, & Compassion focused therapy.
Ms. KOT Sze Hang Ada

  • Narrative Practitioner 敘事實踐者
  • Founder of Narrative Practice Valley Village 敘事山谷村 
  • Founder of Sparkling Counselling
  • An instructor of Narrative Therapy courses in Hong Kong, China and Taiwan
  • Experiences in working with adolescents, youth, young adult, ethnic minorities facing life challenges from studies, career, family, and society. Interested in innovative collective narrative practices
  • Well trained and deeply influenced by Narrative Therapy; Master of Narrative Therapy and Community Work (The University of Melbourne)
  • British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy Registered Member (Accred) 
  • Australian Counselling Association Level 2 Member
  • Language: Cantonese, English, Mandarin
  • Email: 
  • <

Mr. KOU Ut Wai

Ms. KUI Shuk Han
瞿淑嫻 女士

Mr. KUNG Pak Sing Patrick

Mr Patrick Kung retired from the Hong Kong Police in the rank of Superintendent (Force Training Officer). In order to make his life more meaningful and pursue his helping professional, Patrick had made his retirement earlier and accepted the appointment as the counseling supervisor of the Enoch Christian Fellowship, Hong Kong Police Force. He has been an American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT) Clinical Member (since 2011) and Approved Supervisor (since 2018). He also has the experience of over 3000 hours of face-to-face interviews with groups, couples and individuals. He has considerable expertise in conducting couple enrichment group, and facilitating workshops on personal growth, and counseling related subjects. He has a lot of experience in conducting workshops and training for public and private organizations, and churches on family and couples relationships, psychological first aid, peer counseling, crisis management, stress handling, adult suicide prevention & handling, negotiation and conflict resolution.
Ms . KWAN Kin Choi

Ms . KWAN Yuk Kwan

Assistant Social Worker Officer
Dr. KWOK Chi Ying Paulina

Registered Social Worker (DSW), Doctor of Social Work (DSW), Fellow, Certified Counsellor, Approved Counselling Supervisor (HKPCA), Certified Family Therapist and Clinical Supervisor (HKMFTA), Certified Sex Therapist (HKSERT), Certified Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (SEP Trauma Institute, USA), Certified Integral Somatic Psychology Practitioner (ISP), Certified Ego-State Therapist (MEISA), Motivational Interviewing (MINT, MI Network of Trainers), Associate Certified Meta-Coach (ISNS), Consultant Supervisor (Supervision Supporting Scheme (HKSWA), Approved course entitled Individual, Group & Advanced Crisis Intervention (UMBC)
Ms. KWOK Ching Han

Dr . KWOK Kan Diana

Dr. Diana  Kwok is currently an Associate Professor in the Department of Special Education and Counselling (SEC), The Education University of Hong Kong. Diana is a registered social worker, expressive arts therapist, approved counselor supervisor, and a certified sex therapist. She used to work in school, family, mental health, and LGBT service settings, in Hong Kong, and in the U.S.. She provides professional training and clinical supervision to social workers, counsellors, and mental health practitioners on mental health, sexuality education, sex therapy, and sexual diversity in various universities, NGOs, and government organizations. Diana’s research interest focuses on the experience of gay/lesbian/queer/transgender/SEN students, sexuality education for minority students, and cultural competence of teachers/counselors / social workers working with minorities and SEN students.
郭勤博士現為特殊教育與輔導學系的副教授。她為精神健康輔導員/社工、表達藝術治療師, 性治療師及輔導臨床督導員 (HKPCA)。她過往曾在香港及美國兩地工作,包括學校、家庭、精神健康/康復服務和性少眾 (LGBTQIA+)輔導服務。她曾於不同院校、社會服務機構及政府部門就精神健康、性治療性教育及性別多元議題向教師社工、輔導員及精神復康工作者提供專業培訓和臨床輔導/督導。
郭勤的研究領域是在華人社會文化背景下,探討性少眾/同志/酷兒/跨性別/SEN學生的生活經歷/性教育議題; 服務性少眾及有SEN/特殊學習需要學生的教師/輔導員/社工的專業培訓; 專業工作者多元文化能力。
Ms. KWOK Lai Fong

Psychological Counsellor
Ms. KWOK Lai Kuen

Ms. KWOK Wing Yee

Student Development Counsellor
Mr. KWOK Yee Chung

Social work supervisor
Dr. KWONG Wai Man

Formerly the programme director of the MSSC programme of CityU. My professional orientation aligns with postmodern interpretation of counselling as a collaborative conversational accomplishment by a client-counsellor dyad. My approach to professional supervision follows postmodern epistemological stance of knowledge construction grounded on collaborative investigation of real-world counselling experience by the counsellor-supervisor dyad. My first principle is to join the counsellor-trainee responsively to stimulate and scaffold (with my input) an inquiry into practice to foster practice-based learning.
Ms . LAI Fai Faye

Client-centered Psychotherapist dedicated to working with clients suffering from a broad spectrum of different types of mental health issues including emotional dysregulation, depression, anxiety, and childhood attachment trauma.  Experienced in facilitating adolescents in their social, vocational, and personal adjustment leading to a more fulfilling lives.
Ms. LAI Hwa Sarah

Ms. LAI Shuet Fong

Ms. LAI Shunwei

Always on the way to maturity.
Ms. LAI Wai Ping Jenny

Dr. LAI YEUNG Wai Ching Susanna
Ms. LAI Yuen Ting May

Ms. LAM Chi Ha Laura

Experienced counselor and counselling supervisor at Hong Kong Professional Teachers’ Union. Experienced counselling supervisor for master of counselling students and post-master graduates. Rich counselling experience with children and youngsters, special education need children, family, couples, and persons with mental illness.Provide individual and group supervision. Provide practised settings for supervisees (if needed).
Mr. LAM Chi Ming Eric

Mr. LAM Chung Man

Assistant Principal
Ms. LAM Kit Ling Vinnice

Ms. LAM Lai Ching
林麗青 女士

Program director of Music Journey Company Ltd, Registered Music Therapist, Certified Play Therapist, Neurologic Music Therapist, FCCA
Ms. LAM Mei Ngor Michelle

Ms. LAM Pui Yung Cally

Ms. LAM Sheut Fan

B.S.W. (HKU) M.Soc.Sc.(HKU), PgD in Mental Health (Poly U)

Associate Fellow,Approved Counselling Supervisor and Certified Counsellor (HKPCA)
Family Mediator (HKMAAL)
Approved Instructor in Critical Incident Stress Management (Individual and Group Crisis Intervention) (ICISF) & Mental Health First Aid
Experienced social worker, counselor and counselling supervisor in the fields of Employee Assistance Programme (EAP), family services and school. Experienced counselling supervisor for master of counselling students of the University of Hong Kong and the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Rich counselling experiences with people with emotional, mental, family and interpersonal relationship issues. Had ample experiences in assisting the managerial staff to handle employees’ psychological problems, too. Conduct individual and group supervision. Provide practised settings for supervisees (if needed)
— 13 years of experience on supervision
— Private Practice Supervisor
— Fee for Supervising CCouns(Per Hour): Negotiable
— Offer Voluntary Professional Consultancy Service (within three 1-hr sessions )

Dr. LAM Suet Man Angel

Ms. LAM Suet Yee April

Ms. LAM Suk Fan Winnie

Mr. LAM Tim Tak Edmond

Associate Professor (Counselling Program)
China Graduate School of Thelogoy
Dr. LAM Wai Lun Benny

Mr. LAU Chi Yuen

Principal Student Guidence Officer
Ms. LAU Chui Ping Esther

Ms. LAU Nim Hing Sellina
劉念馨 女士

A certified Counsellor, Hypnotherapist, Coach and NLP Practitioner, specialized in emotion and stress related issues, personal and career development, relationship issues, family conflicts, children and teenager with special developmental needs, by integrating Person-centered psychotherapy approach in mindfulness practices.
Dr. LAU Siu Ping Janet

Prof. LAU Siu Ying Patrick

MA(Ed) in Counselling; PhD in Educational Psychology (Counselling), CUHK
Fellow, Certified Counsellor and Approved Supervisor of Hong Kong Professional Counselling Association
Professional Member of American Counseling Association
USACertified Teacher Educator for Positive Discipline
Former Associate Dean, Faculty of Education, CUHK
Former Associate Professor, Department of Educational Psychology, CUHK
Experienced educator, counsellor and counselling practicum supervisor
Ms. LAU Wan Chi


近年,她積極推動沙維雅轉化系統性療法 (Satir transformational systemic therapy) 。
香港大學家庭醫學及基層醫學系兼任導師 策劃東涌社區
香港城市大學應用社會學科部及香港浸會大學社會工作學系的兼任講師,負責監督社會工作學士(社會工作)課程在學實習及輔導學碩士課程臨床輔導督導。(主要合作機構: 香港懲教署 、社會福利署 – 屯門兒童及青少年院以及中學學校社會工作及輔導組。)
文匯報和國家教育部: 參與由國家教育部資助的一項培訓香港年輕人與內地北京志願者為2008年北京奧運的服務計劃。
香港迪士尼樂園:  “Volunt EARS”的志願者提供培訓。是次培訓的主題為
” 如何與喪親兒童建立有效的溝通”。

Dr. LAW Kin Man

Ms. LAW Kwan Chi Sarah

ABA Teacher
Ms. LAW Wai Fan Cherry

Mr. LAW Wai Keung

Ms. LAW Wing Sze
羅熲詩 女士

Ms. Lee Choi Yin, Fancy

A Certified Counellor in NGO 
(more information:
Ms. LEE Earn Ee Berenice

Ms. LEE Ka WAI Koesen

Clinical supervisor, director of student affairs, lecturer
Mr. LEE Kai Bun

Ms. LEE Lai Yee

Mrs. LEE LAU Wing Ying Winnie

Reg. Counselling Psychologist (HKPS), Reg. Ed Psychologist (HCPC,UK), Approved Supervisor (HKPCA & Australian Counselling Assoc). With over 30 years’ of counselling experience in the field. Presently in private practice and working as an Honarary Lecturer and clinical supervisor at HKU, providing supervision and training in various psychotherapies including EFT, MBCT, ACT & CBT. A qualified trainer in MBCT, Mindfulness in Schools and Mindful Parenting.
Dr. LEE MAN Yuk Ching

EdD(Counselling Psychology)CUHK
Area:School Guidance & counselling
School Counsellor Training
Parent,Sex & Life Education
Ms . LEE Pui Ying Diane

Ms. LEE Wai Fun

Ms. LEE Wai Han Margaret

Margaret is experienced in helping working adults to address their psychological issues icl. depression, anxiety and stresses from work, family & interpersonal relationship issues. Pls visit
Ms . LEE Wing Sze

I am doing my private counselling for children, youth, and adult. And I am teaching course of  Projective Drawing that participant can get the certificate from IAPC USA. 
Ms. LEE Yin Kwan

I am experienced in handling with those who suffer from any kind of addiction.
Ms. LEUNG Hiu Ying

心理輔助員/ 課程導師
Mrs. LEUNG HO Siu Man Selina

Registered Counselling Psychologist (HKPS); Certified Emotion-Focused Therapist & Approved EFT Trainer by International Society for EFT; Certified Counsellor & Approved Supervisor(HKPCA); Retired Senior Counsellor(CUHK); Currently in private practice, doing EFT training, supervision & counselling.
Ms . LEUNG Ho Ting

Behavior Technician
Mr. LEUNG Hoi Bong

Ms. LEUNG Hong Ting

Dr. LEUNG Kwok Heung Grace Mary

Adjunct Professor (SSRC) and SWSA (HKU)
Dr. LEUNG Michael

Narrative Therapist 敘事治療
Ms . LEUNG Pui Man

Ms. LEUNG Sau Ling

Dr. LEUNG Shui King Sharon

Sharon is an experienced counselor, supervisor, trainer and researcher. Her areas of interest are narrative practice, substance and offender rehabilitation, family, mental health challenges and grief work. In the last two decades, she has been involved in teaching and integrating narrative practice in various local communities and NGOs.


Ms. LEUNG Shuk Fan

Mon LEUNG is a 

– Certified Counsellor, 
– IEP Counsellor for SEN Students, 
– Certified Mindful Parenting Practitioner 
Please click the below link to know more about me:

Mr. LEUNG Siu Kei

Advanced Pratice Nurse (Psychiatric)
Ms. LEUNG Siu Ling Shirley

Ms. LEUNG Suk Ching

Dr. LEUNG Suk Man Grace

Grace taught in the Department of Social Work and Social Administration at The University of Hong Kong for more than 20 years. Her core interests centre on social work practice and counselling. The courses she taught include Emotion Focused Intervention, Theories in Counselling, Advanced Social Work Practice, Family Social Work, and Social Work Skills Training.
Grace was trained in Somatic Experiencing, Integral Somatic Psychology, and Emotion-focused therapy for individual. Now, she is receiving training in Bodynamic which is a Somatic-based psychotherapy. 
She engages deeply in practice research as she believes that practice should be grounded with evidence. Some of her practice research projects were as follows: gestalt group approach for children and parents with anxiety in schools; emotionally focused group therapy for parents with parenting stress; use of storybook to work with children who suffered from sibling bereavement; and trauma treatment group for children and parents. 
Ms. LEUNG Sze Man

Ms. LEUNG Wai Mun Emma

Volunteer Counsellor Bethel Pastoral Counselling centre, Mindful Heart Foundation
Ms. LEUNG Yin Wan Annie

I graduated at China Graduate School of Theology with Master of Counsellor Education in 2006. I worked at Breakthrough Counselling Center as Senior Psychological Counsellor/Project Lead since 2006 serving mainly youngsters, adolescent families and young couples. I retired in Sept 2021 and now self-employed.
Mrs. LEUNG Yuk Ha

Ms . LI Frances

Student Affairs Officer
Ms. LI Jueyan

Ms. LI Ping

Psychological Counsellor, Marriage and Family Therapist
Mrs. LI Wai Fong

Mr. LI Wai Mo


Ms. LI Wai Ting Virginia

Ms. LIAU Fai Ching

Senior Psychological Counselor
Ms. LIEU Man Yee Eunice

Dr. LIT Siu Wai

Section Head, Counselling and Wellness Section, Student Affairs Office
Dr. LIU Cheung Yu Dilys

Chartered Psychologist, British Psychological Society
Doctor of Psychology, Clinical Psychology (PsyD)
Mrs. LIU WONG Po Shan
廖黃寶珊 女士

Registered Counsellor (more information on
Dr. LO Hay Ming Herman

Mr. LO Kai Hong

Ms. LO Oi Yuet Ann

Senior counselor of her founded Counseling Office – ‘Heartlinks’ since 2007, previous part-time faculty staff and supervisor of HK Baptist University and CityU Hong Kong. Extensive experiences in working with difficult youth, marital and family problems, particularly those with mental health issues across her career path as outreaching and family social worker, mostly working as counselor in HK Catholic Marriage Advisory Council, Counseling Unit of Yang Memorial Methodist Social Service and Heartlinks. Well trained and deeply influenced by Satir Model, Systemic Family Therapy and Narrative Therapy.
Mr. LO Shik Yuen

Ms. LO Suet Fun Fanny
盧雪芬 女士

Dr. LO Tak Yin Tracy

Assistant Professor and Supervisor (Counselling Studies)
Clinical Psychologist in Private Practice 
Licensed Psychologist (California, US)
Registered Clinical Psychologist (HKPS, HK)
Member of Register of Clinical Psychologists accredited by Dept. of Health (HK)
Certified Counsellor, Associate Fellow, Approved Counselling Supervisor (HKPCA, HK)
Ms. LUI Ching Ying Octavia

Rev/Dr. LUK Kim Hung

DProf.(Practical Theology: Holistic Prayer Healing);                      M.A.(Marital/Couple Counselling);  M.A.(Th. Spirituality);  M.Div.;   B.A.(Psychology); Cert.(Counselling Supervision)
I am a psychotherapist and a pastor with over 30 years of experiences in individual and marital/couple counselling with Emotion-Focused Therapy (EFT), psychodynamic and integrative approaches. 
I work in private practice. I also supervise students in Master of Counselling program and is an adjunct psychotherapist in a hospital setting. 
I also offer prayer healing integrating with prayer and counselling for Christians.

Languages use: Cantonese, Mandarin and English

Mrs. LUK YAN Hung Chu Julia

Mrs. Julia LUK is a psychotherapist and a clinical supervisor with 30 years of working experience.  She practises psychodynamic psychotherapy (major in Object-Relations approach) integrated with Somatic Experiencing and Sandplay Therapy.   She is a graduate of Advance Training and Supervision training in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy (CAPA), a Certified Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, Training Assistant and Case Consultant (SEP Trauma Institute, USA), a Certified Integral Somatic Psychology Practitioner (ISP), a Certified Ego-State Therapist (MEISA)a Sandplay Therapy Practitioner.  She has also received Bodynamic Foundation Training, Bodynamic trainings in Shock & Trauma/PTSD, in Developmental Trauma, in Constructive Shame, and training in Dynamic Attachment Re-patterning experience.
Julia works in private practice.  She also supervises students in Master of Counselling programs and she is an adjunct psychotherapist in a hospital setting.
Early developmental trauma; complex trauma; intergenerational transmission of trauma; mental and emotional trauma; sexual trauma; dissociative disorders; relationship conflict; parenting difficulties
Mr. MA Chi Kwong

Ms. MA Po Ke Carol

Mr. MA Tak Fai

Ms. MAK Pui Shan Ida

Ms. MAK Wing Yee Lillian

Mr. MAN Kin Pong Edward

Ms. MAN Pui Yee Teresa

Ms. MO Frances Yen Ting

Mr. MOK Ho Fai

Dr. MOK Kong Ting

M.Div. (Hong Kong Baptist Theological Seminary)
M.Ed. (Counseling) South Dakota State University, Brookings, USA
Ed.D. (Educational Psychology) Baylor University, Waco, USA

Assistant Profession, Hong Kong Baptist Theological Seminary (1998-2009

Ms . MOK Tik Ying Charmaine

Voluntary Counselor
Ms. MOK Yuen Man Katy

Ms. MUELLER Maureen

Ms. MUI Kam Seung Ruby

Dr. NG Ching Wah Vivian
吳靜華 博士

Ms. NG Ka Lai

Prof. NG Siu Man

Ms . NG Siu Mei

Nursing Officer
Ms. NG Wing Ha Wendy

Mr. NG Wing Kwong

I am specialized in individual and family therapies with psychodynamic and systemic approaches. Besides clincal work, I am offering seminars, training and supervision plus writing books on personal growth and parenting.
Ms. NG Wing Yan Joyce

A compassionate counsellor interested in identifying corrective relationship dynamics in couples or family systems. Excel in mindfulness intervention techniques to enrich individual internal awareness, enhance mental and emotional stability, focus and acceptance. 
Ms. NG Wing Yin

Prof. NG Yat Nam Petrus

Dr. NGAI So Wa

Teaching Fellow, HK Poly U
Mr. NUNG CHONG Chun Yeung

Ms. ONG, Amoy Yuk Mui

Ø  Psychotherapist Ø  Intercultural and diversity Specialist Ø  Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner (SEP)
Amoy holds a Master’s Degree in Social Work from Canada where she lived for 30+ years and where she worked in mental health, hospital, long-term care, community and university settings as a clinician, lecturer and researcher.   She specializes in trauma work, diversity and intercultural psychotherapy (relocation/ migration, adjustment and resettlement,  intercultural relationship, identity and diversity) as these areas intersect with issues related to mental health; attachment; loss and bereavement; women; sexual identity; race and ethnicity; faith and aging.  Working with individual and couples,  Amoy adopts Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, Somatic Experiencing, Integral Somatic Psychology, Bodynamics, and Dynamic Attachment Re-pattering experience, Emotionally Focused Therapy and Spiritual Psychotherapy. Eclectically, she also integrates Positive Psychological Intervention, Existential Psychotherapy, Mindfulness, Feminist Therapy, Past Life Regression and Sex Therapy. Amoy has taught at Toronto’s York University, and locally at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University (Social Work; Counselling and Psychology), and the University of Hong Kong (supervising Master in Counselling students’ practicum). She  is intercultural competent and fluent in both Cantonese and English.
Trauma work on: relationship conflicts; sexual trauma; trauma related to relocation and/or social differences; intergenerational transmission of trauma
Ms. POON Wai Yee Esther

I was first trained as a Marriage & Family Therapist in Hong Kong University.  Then I was trained as a psychotherapist specialized in treating emotional and attachment trauma.  I have been a certified Somatic Experiencing Practitioner since 2011.  I am a Certified Clinical Supervisor in trauma healing from AEDP Institute, US and also the Certified Clinical Supervisor in Hong Kong Marriage & Family Therapy Association.  I have been doing trauma healing work for the past ten years.
Ms. Rashmi KUNZRU

Mr. SHAM Sau Sing

Senior Psychological Counselor, seek theology together with anthropology, journey in pace with individual on problems in issues, facilitate performance with mediation and multiple models for own motivation towards dissolution of predicament. A privilege and joy to witness new initiatives of persons. Join by social agency with multiple projects to serve the community. Private practice.
Dr. SHEA Man Kee Peter

PsyD (Clinical Psychology); PGDip (Clinical Supervision); MSc (Educational Psychology); MEd (Educational Psychology); BEd; TCert; Dip (Counselling & Guidance)
Associate Fellow, Certified Counsellor, Approved Counselling Supervisor, Hong Kong Professional Counselling Association, HK
Member, Register of Educational Psychologists accredited by Department of Health, HK
Registered Psychologist (Counselling Psychology, Educational Psychology), Approved Supervisor (Counselling Psychology), Hong Kong Psychological Society, HK
Registered EuroPsy Psychologist (Field of practice: Clinical and Health, Education), European Federation of Psychologists’ Association, EU
Registered Practitioner Psychologist (Counselling Psychologist, Clinical Psychologist, Educational Psychologist), Health and Care Professions Council, UK
Associate Fellow, Chartered Psychologist, Registered Applied Psychology Practice Supervisor, British Psychological Society, UK
Member, Div 12 Society of Clinical Psychology, American Psychological Association, USA
Mr. SHIU Shun Lam

Dr. SIK Hin Tak

Buddhist Counsellor
Assistant Professor, Hong Kong Chu Hai College
Dr. SIU Chu Shek

lecturer and supervisor of HKBU
Prof. SIU Fung Ying Angela

Ms. SIU Lai Ha Stella

Stella Siu is a psychotherapist and supervisor with 30 years of experience. She has a keen interest in Object Relations Therapy since graduation. Stella has completed several professional training including the International postgraduate diploma in narrative therapy and community practice at the Dulwich Centre, Australia, EMDR, CISM, Somatic Experiencing Training at SETI, Integral Somatic Psychology, Bodynamic Foundation Training, and Bodynamic Shock, Trauma/PTSD II Training.  She is also a Certified Ego State Therapist.  Her recent interest is in complex trauma and somatic psychotherapist.

Individual , Family and Marriage Therapist
Mr. So Kai Hang

Ms. SO Ngar Yin Iris

I’m Iris, I graduated Master degree in counselling in 2015 and I have been providing counselling service since 2017. I love counselling very much because I could be staying with those clients to explore their own problems and believe that they are capable to find a way to solve them or look for initial problems that could face bravely. They could keep physically healthy and improve their mental well-being.
Dr. SU Xiqing

Lecturer I and Associate Director, Social Work Practice and Mental Health Centre, Social Work Dept, HKBU
Ms. SUM Ka Wah

Psychological Counsellor
Ms. SUM Kit Ling Kam

Dr. SZE Ka Kei Patrick

Patrick SZE is currently a principal in a local special school. He acted as a SENCo and a Counseling Teacher of a Secondary School. He has been lecturing on courses being organized by the EdUHK and HKBU, Hong Kong Education EXPO, the SESHK Annual Conference and other professional training for teachers. He is currently one of the Executive Committee Members of the Special Education Society of Hong Kong as well as one of the Editorial Board Members of the Journal of the Society.


Ms. TAI Catherine Ka Man

Dr. TAM Chung Ngok Isaac

Previous Head, Student Life Center,
Hong Kong University of Science & Technology;
Registered Clinical Psychologist, Hong Kong Psychological Society;
Subject Specialist, Hong Kong Council for Accreditation of Academic & Vocational Qualifications (2008-2014)
Ms. TAM Kit Ching

Mr. TAM Shiu Wah Hillman
Counsellor, Marriage & Family Therapist
AAMFT Clinical Fellow and Approved Supervisor
HKMFTA Certified Clinical Supervisor
Somatic Experiencing practitioner (SEI)
HKPCA Certified Counsellor and Approved Counselling Supervisor

Mental Health Therapist
Mindfulness Teacher
Contact Phone Number: (852) 5488 3040
Email address:

Ms . TAM Wing Sum

Social Worker
Dr. TAM Yat Sun

Dr. TANG Cheuck Wing

Dr. Andrew TANG Ph.D. C.Psychol. Associate Fellow (BPS)

Specialist in Health Counselling & Psychological Consultancy
HCPC Registered Health Psychologist
HKPCA Certified Counsellor & Approved Supervisor
BPS Ability & Personality Psychometric Assessment
Professional Members of BPS & HKPCA

Ms. TANG Chi Shan

Mr. TANG Kwok Wing

Mr. TANG Wai Hung

I have served in the Council of Hong Kong Professional Counselling Association for many years since its inception in mid-1990s.  And, I have been appointed as the Chairperson of the Association’s Membership and Professional Standard Committee over the past few years till 2019.
Ms. TANG Yi Man

Registered Chinese Medicine Practitioner
Ms. TANG Yim Han

Dr. TONG Adrian Robert Wang Chi

Adrian Robert Wang Chi Tong, Ph.D., is a Registered Psychologist in Canada (Ontario) and Hong Kong (AFHKPS, DCoP). Dr. Tong also served as the Honorary Treasurer of the HKPS between 2007 – 2009 and is also an executive committee member of the HKPS Counselling Psychology Division. Dr. Adrian Tong’s
Ms. TONG Natalie

Ms. Tong is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist and a Registered Psychologist who has been practicing psychotherapy for over 20 years. She has served as an Honorary Lecturer at the University of Hong Kong for over 12 years. She is an HKPCA Approved Supervisor and has supervised the counselling work of graduate level social workers and counselors for over 15 years. She is a an ICEEFT Certified EFT Therapist who integrated her EFT training with her training in clinical psychology. In her private practice, she works extensively with clients suffering from depression, complex trauma, anxiety and couple distress.
Ms. TONG Pik Ha

Mr. TSANG Chi Yuen

Ms. TSANG Fiona Ka Yin

Ms. TSANG Ngan Sim

Ms. TSANG Pui Ying

Ms. TSE Chui Ying

Mr. TSE Ka Wo

Dr.Tse is an Assistant Professor at the HKCT Institute of Higher Education. He is a registered social worker and HKPCA certified counsellor and researcher. He is the first MI trainer certified by the International Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers (MINT) in Hong Kong and serves as a rater for the MINT trainer certification scheme. He is part of the team of trainers in the first local Training of New Trainers (TNT) by Dr. William Miller (Founder of Motivational Interviewing) in Dec 2018. Tse is also a cofounding member and the Chairman (8/2017-3/2019) of the Chinese Association of Motivational Interviewing (CAMI) and a member of MINT.
Tse has over 18 years of clinical social work practice in Hong Kong, specialized in mental health, addictions, youth outreach, and residential services. Tse’s background is in clinical social work with much hands-on experience and expertise in developing the clinical motivational approach for addiction treatments. He has been invited to serve on several MI research projects at The University of Hong Kong (HKU) and The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK). He is co-principal and co-investigator of several MI research projects funded by competitive research grants. Tse has taught courses, including motivational interviewing and addictive behaviours, with the aim to nurture the next generation of addiction professionals.
Ms. TSE Mei Yan

Marriage and Family Theraphist
Ms. TSE Pan Pan Gabriella

Prof. TSE Shu Ki Samson

I am a Professor of Mental Health, have extensive experience in working with individuals affected by problem gambling and bipolar disorders. The approaches I use include: Solution Focused, Strengths-based approach.
Mr. TSO Chek Hang

School Counsellor
Ms. TSUI Ho Yan

As a career counsellor, I work with Bachelor’s and Master’s level students (who have already entered the workforce) at all stages of their career development process. By evaluating clients’ backgrounds, interests, skills and abilities, I assist them in developing realistic career goals and plans to improve their current careers and provide advice about entering a new profession. Counselling services are provided to help the clients overcome social problems during the transition whenever needed.
Prof. TSUI Ming Sum

Dr. TSUN On Kee Angela

Angela Tsun On-Kee is a narrative practitioner, researcher, trainer and supervisor. She has been questioning her practice since mid-1990, particularly the expert position of therapists. She therefore searched for something different, and soon she fell in love with narrative ideas. She was struck by the non-blaming, decentering and respectful attitudes of narrative therapy. Since then, she has been learning and practicing narrative ideas as well as hoping to indigenize narrative ideas in Chinese communities. She enjoys the privilege to explore narrative ideas with practitioners in Hong Kong, mainland China, Taiwan, Macao and Singapore through co-research projects, publications, training and supervision.
After her retirement from the Department of Social Work, Hong Kong Baptist University in mid-2017, Angela devotes most of her time in doing narrative training and supervision in Hong Kong, Macao and mainland China.
Ms. TUNG Shiu Chu

Ms. Wan Lai Ching

part time register nurse
Ms. WAN Sau Yi Kenny

Lecturer, Registrar, Director of Accreditatin, Counsellor
Ms. WAN Wai Kuen Christina

Fieldwork Supervisor at HKU
Ms. WAN Wing Yee

Dr. WAT Wai Ho

Ms. WONG Chi Mei Jennifer

executive counsellor
Ms. WONG Chun Sim

Prof. WONG Fu Keung

Ms. WONG Hoi Yan Grace

Gracia Life Family Counselling House Limited
Grace, Wong Hoi Yan
Individual, Marriage & Family Therapist

IEA Accredited School Certified Enneagram Trainer

HKMFTA Certified Marriage and Family Therapist
HKPCA Certified Counsellor
Master of Christian Marriage and Family Therapy (BBS)
Hakomi Professional Training
(Hakomi Institute of California and Mindful Heart Foundation)
Certificate of Lay Theological Training (CGST)
Prepare / Enrich Accredited Practitioner
(A Division of Life & Marriage Enrichment Limited)
Intermediate Level Studies on Directive Group Play Therapy for the Treatment of ADHD, Low Self-Esteem and Traumatized Children
(The Morning Glory Treatment Centre for Children 1207 Pigeon Forge Road Pflugerville, Texas USA)
Certificate of Spiritual Care Formation I and II (CUHK)
Master of Arts in Values Education (CUHK)
Postgraduate Diploma in Education (CUHK)
Professional Diploma Programme in Guidance and Counselling (CUHK)
Registered Teacher
Bachelor of Arts (CUHK)

Dr. WONG IP Chung Ping

I have been trained in the Satir Model and Hakomi Method. My experience is in family counseling, psychosomatic illnesses, and dealing with trauma.
Ms. WONG Ka Man Judy

Ms. WONG Ka Yan Angela

– Psychologist
– Former Honorary Assistant Professor and Practicum Supervisor  (Master Course in Counseling), Dept. of Social Work and Social Administration, HKU
– Former Practicum Supervisor (Master Course in Educational Psychology – Professional Training), Dept. of Applied Social Sciences, HKPU
– Former Overseas Consultant / Practicum Supervisor (Master Course in Educational Psychology – Professional Training), University of London, UK
Mr. WONG Kwok Wing

Mr Wong is a counsellor who works in the iWELL Centre of EDUHK and in a private organization. Mr Wong welcomes counselling of any age group and different areas, such as family relationships, marital relationships, autism spectrum, attention deficit, hyperactivity disorder, depression, panic disorder, emotional and behavioural problems, learning difficulties and various types of addiction symptoms. Mr Wong has over 25 years of experience in education and is particularly good at caring for the needs of primary and secondary school-agers. 

黃先生於香港教育大學的整全成長發展中心及一家私人機構任職輔導師。 黃先生歡迎任何年齡組別和需要的輔導,例如家庭關係,婚姻關係,自閉症譜系,專注力不足,多動症,抑鬱症,恐慌症,情緒和行為問題,學習困難和各種成癮症狀。 黃先生擁有超過二十五年的教育經驗,尤其擅長照顧中小學生的需要。

Ms. WONG Lai Fong

  • HKPCA Certified Counsellor
  • Certified Counsellor of PREPARE/ENRICH
  • NLP Practitioner
  • International Certified Crisis Chaplain (US)
  • Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy Level I-III
  • Advanced Course of Transformative Couples Therapy (TCT)
  • Empathetic Focusing Trauma Training
  • MA in Professional Counselling (Olivet Nazarene University,US)

GloryWord Counselling Corner   Enquiry and Appointment:
WhatsApp / Mobile 5485 1208 or Email to

Ms. WONG Lai Moy

Wong, Lai-moy Carman
Bachelor of Social Work, Master of Education in Counselling of University of North Texas,
Registered Social Worker recognized by Social Workers Registration Board Hong Hong,
Associate Fellow, Certified Counsellor  & Approved Counselling Supervisor of The Hong Kong Professional Counselling Association(HKPCA),
Lecturer of Department of Social Work, Chinese University of Hong Kong,
Member of Mental Health Social Workers Chapter of Hong Kong Social Workers Association,
Experienced counsellor in mental health service
Full Name: Wong, Lai-moy Carman
Contact Address: Department of Social Work, Level 4-5, T.C. Cheng Building, United College,
The Chinese University ofHong Kong, Shatin, New Territories, Hong Kong
Contact Phone Number: (852) 92374690
Email address:;
Mr. WONG Mo Tao

Ms . WONG Ngo Yan

黃傲欣為香港專業輔導協會 (HKPCA) 認可之輔導員,畢業於香港教育大學,獲得教育輔導文學碩士學位。她擅長幫助受心理困擾的人士改善情緒、行為和人際關係,以發揮潛能,積極樂觀地面對生活。她積累了多年的個人或伴侶諮詢和輔導工作經驗,包括應用催眠治療、靜觀治療、正面心理學等專業技巧。
Wong Ngo Yan is a certified counsellor of the Hong Kong Professional Counselling Association (HKPCA). Graduated with a Master of Arts in Educational Counselling from the Education University of Hong Kong, she specialized in helping people with psychological distress to improve their emotions, behaviours and interpersonal relationships to realize their potential and to face life positively and optimistically. She has been working in this sector for many years and is experienced in providing personal and couple consultations, and counselling, including applying professional skills such as hypnotherapy, mindfulness, positive psychology, etc.
Mr. WONG Ngok Tung Antonio

I am a certified counsellor (CCoun), a registered art therapist (AThR) and a registered expressive arts therapist (REAT). I am also a ceramist and a ceramic teacher. I employ a client-centered approach in my art therapy work for group as well as individual cases. This allows my clients to meet their own therapeutic goals and resolve issues at their own pace. 

I work with a diverse range of clients including adolescents and adults with depression & anxiety disorders, SEN students, LGBT, drug abused families and sex workers with emotional issues.

Dr. WONG Oi Ling

Dr Wong Oi Ling is an AAMFT (American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy) Approved Supervisor. She is a part-time Professor of Practice (Family Therapy) at the Department of Applied Social Sciences of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Dr. Wong has been conducting training and delivering supervision courses in the field of marriage and family therapy for universities, hospitals, and social work agencies since 2000 in Singapore, mainland China, Macau and Hong Kong. Dr. Wong also has many years of direct practice experience, especially in the mental health field. She now conducts marriage and family therapy in a private practice setting. Her expertise is primarily in the area of family therapy training, clinical supervision, children and adolescent family, mental health, marriage, families with parental mental illness, and dementia and family. Dr Wong has published three Chinese casebooks titled 夾缝中的孩子 (2012)婚姻滋味──尋回相愛的甜蜜 (2015) and代代相愛──解開糾結的關係(2017). 
Ms. WONG Shuk King

 Counselor in Family Development Foundation Limited, 11/2012-12/2015
Private Practice as counselor from 1/2016 to present
Dr. WONG Siu Ling

Ms. WONG Suet Wing

Ms. WONG Sum Wai

Mr. WONG Sze Ming

Family Therapist
Ms. WONG Tak Kit

Marriage and Family Therapist, Pastor, 
The China Holiness Church, Tai Po since 2003
Private Practice Counsellor
Ms. WONG Tsui Lin Elaine

Ms. WONG Tsz Fong

Centre In-charge (Rhenish Grace & Joy Development Centre), Registered Social Worker (Hong Kong), Registered Play Therapist (APT, US), Certified user of MBTI. T-JTA, Prepare/Enrich
Dr. WONG Wai Ching Paul

Research and clinical interests on suicidal behaviours, depression, youth problems, youth positive development, animal-assisted interventions
Mr. WONG Wai Kit

Dr. WONG Wai Lan Eve

Ms. WONG Wai Ling

Individual, Marital, and Family Theraphist
Ms. WONG Wai Ping
黃惠萍 女士
(2021- 646)

Volunteer Counselor
Ms. WONG Wei Kwan Adelina

Adelina had family therapy training from Philadelphia Child Guidance Center and the training of Satir’s model. She practices as marriage and family therapist specialized on EMA.  For individual psychotherapy, she is a Jungian analyst and a certified Jungian Sandplay Therapist.
Mr. WONG Wing Tai

The Companions 匡仁心理輔導

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Ms. WONG Wing Yan Vivian

Ms. WONG Yee Tak Edith

Registered Occupational Therapist
Ms. WONG Yuet Fong

Certified Counsellor, Registered Social Worker, Guest Lecturer
Ms. WONG Yuk Ching

Social Worker
Ms. WONG Yuk Ying Elaine

Elaine is an integrative psychotherapeutic counsellor with humanistic and client centred care. She provides non-judgmental, empathetic, active listening and reflection to facilitate her clients to discover their own path, self-compassion, and life growth. She seeks to increase her clients’ self-awareness and identity construction. In her practices, Elaine applies different kinds of counselling therapies and techniques, such as trainings of CBT, Narrative, Mindfulness, Gestalt, EFT, Prepare Enrich for Couples, Bowen Therapy for family etc. to diversify her counselling capacities to support clients.Elaine establishes a trust and safe relationship that is open, sincere, trusting, respect and with the best interests of clients in her counselling practices. Her insight and ability in identifying clients’ transference or countertransference reinforce her well communications with clients’ pathology or unconscious actions in counselling. She accepts her clients unconditionally without any judgement. With a trusted and genuine therapeutic relationship with clients, Elaine supports her clients to focus on their needs, goals and personal growth.
Ms. WONG, Sienna Yuk-Chun

Mrs. WRIGHT Yue Jessie

Ms . WU Ching Man

Student Counsellor
Ms. WU Kam Yuk Amanda

Ms . WU Mei Yin

Dr. YAN Fung Ling Phyllis

Having accumulated years of frontline experiences in individual counseling, couple and family therapy, I treasure the encounter with clients and explore options with them. In rendering supervision to students and practitioners, I utilize their use of self and enhance their profesional competence.
Dr. YEUNG Ka Ching

楊家正博士: 香港大學社會工作及社會行政學系首席講師,北京師範大學社會發展與公共政策學院社會工作室顧問,資深社會工作者,尋解聚焦治療師,家庭研究學者。一九九○年開始在大學任教,主要教授個案輔導工作、社會工作與家庭、家庭治療法、生涯技巧訓練、尋解聚焦治療法等。曾數度被選爲杰出教師,是一位深受學生愛戴之老師。自一九八八年認識尋解聚焦治療法之創始人InSoo Kim Berg及 Steve de Shazer後便一直保持緊密聯繫直致他們過世。曾發表多篇有關尋解聚焦治療法的著作如《對精要治療的一些理解,1995》,《尋解導向模式:應用與反思,1996》,《解困之道: 尋解面談應用手册及個案彙編,2001》,《迎刃而解 – 尋解聚焦輔導,2016》等。是香港第一代尋解聚焦治療法的主要推動人物。
Dr. YEUNG Man Kit

Ms. YEUNG Suet Ying

Specialist on providing couples counseling for couples during relational crisis, advice on parenting difficulties, and healing for individual emotional problems. 
Dr. YIM Shui Wa

BSW; PGDE (FCSW); MED (Counselling); EdD (UTS)
Approved Counselling Supervisor, Certified Counsellor and Fellow (HKPCA)
Registered social worker (Hong Kong)Mediator (HKMC)
Approved instructor in Adult & Youth Mental Health First Aid (University of Melbourne)
Approved trainer in Critical I
Ms . YING Man Yu Michelle

Mr. YIP Fu Wing Richard

Mr. YIP Mang Sau Bob

Being in the field of Counseling for more than 30 years, I am grateful that now I am still learning. For the past four years, I have been under AEDP training in Hong Kong and Shanghai. I hope I will complete the training in the near future.
Mr. YIP Wai Man

Counsellor, working in ICCMW, mental health related
Ms. YOU Janis Siu Ming

Family coach with 30 years experience working as a senior corporate executive and family therapist.

Specializing in dealing with family and workplace dynamics and working with professionals from diverse backgrounds.

Dr. YOUNG Kim Wan

Ms. YUEN Hau Yi

Ms. YUEN Ho Yi

Dr. YUEN Man Tak

Ms. YUEN Sha Yin

Ms . YUEN Wai Man

Dr. YUNG TSANG Sun May Grace

Dr. Grace Yung focuses on helping her clients and students be responsible and happy choice makers of themselves. She enjoys good outcomes in her teaching, counselling, marriage & family therapy and clinical supervision. She is the first scholar in the world to study Virginia Satir’s clinical supervision. She provides monthly group supervision at Green Pastures and has been receiving very good feedback. Her case demonstration and supervision sessions always bring new insight, hope and positive energy to participants and students.
Ms . ZHANG Yan Hong