Mr. CHAN Kai Nin Joseph


Born and raised up by a secular education, my outlook on life was strongly influenced by religion and a mix of the Chinese and Western culture, mainly British. I have studied history, social work, business administration and education and worked in rehabilitation field in government, human resources management commerce, career counselling and student services in the tertiary sector. Career and life planning plus leadership and life skills in secondary and tertiary sectors are the foci of my professional engagement now in HK and the Mainland, with “developmental counselling” as pastime hobby! Firmly believe in indigenous application of Western concepts. Still runs an active reading club.


“Our profession is faced with unprecedented challenges in a super-fast changing society.

Professionalization, public recognition, localization, research,  just to name a few. I would like to appeal to all members to confront these challenges courageously, creatively and collectively under the banner of our Association, to move ahead for the well-being of our profession and society. Unity is strength.”