Dr. CHUI Yat Hung 崔日雄博士

  • Chui  has met all criteria we set for the election of HKPCA’s Fellow. Dr. Chui has made substantial contribution to the development and growth of HKPCA. Specifically, as one of the council members, he has continually contributed his precious time to the businesses of the association in the past 8 years.
  • During this long period of time, he was elected as the Vice-President (2010-2012) and the President (2012-16). Taking up the leading role in the association, Dr. Chui not only attended all regular council meetings to share his professional experiences and ideas, but also participated in some sub-committees.
  • During his two consecutive terms, the accreditation system of local Master program in counselling was revised and refined.
  • His efforts in setting up standards in the profession, which contributed to the field of counselling in local context, are much appreciated.