Prof Hung Suet Lin Shirley 洪雪蓮 教授

Academic background :

  • Master of Narrative Therapy and Community Work, University of Melbourne (First Class Honors)
  • Family Mediation Training, Basic Course and Advanced Course
  • International Graduate Diploma in Narrative Approaches to Therapy and Community Work, Dulwich Centre, Adelaide, Australia
  • PhD, Department of Social Work and Social Administration, University of Hong Kong

Professional Counselling Work Experience:

  • Head & Professor, Department of Social Work, Hong Kong Baptist University
  • Director, Social Work Practice and Mental Health Centre, Department of Social Work, Hong Kong Baptist University
  • Instructor, Narrative Approaches to Counselling and Narrative Practice with Specific Youth Groups, MSocSc in Counselling, Department of Social Work, Hong Kong Baptist University
  • Coordinator and instructor, One-year Advanced Training Programme in Narrative Practice, Hong Kong Baptist University
  • Social Work Supervisor, Youth and Community Service, Caritas-Hong Kong
  • Honorary Fellow, Hong Kong Academy of Social Work

Advanced Research Areas:

  • Solome Rahein Award in Narrative Therapy, Dulwich Centre
  • Project on Feminisms Narrative Practice and Intersectionality, Dulwich Centre, Adelaide, Australia

Contributions to Counselling Profession:

  • Shirley is one of the key figures to indigenize narrative practice in Hong Kong, with diverse counselling clients such as divorced men and women, sexual violence victims, young women undertaken abortion, male sexual abusers, domestic violence men victims, students with internet addiction, gay people with drug addiction and people in prison.
  • Shirley has significant contribution in organizing and delivering formal education and training to develop narrative therapists in Hong Kong. As a collaborator, Shirley has been involved in developing and providing the first postgraduate certificate program of narrative Therapy (the first level training program, retitled as One-year Advanced Training Programme in Narrative Therapy from 2018) at Hong Kong Baptist University. The course is recognized by the Dulwich Centre, Australia, and graduates of the program are eligible to be admitted to the Master of Narrative Therapy and Community Work at University of Melbourne with course exemption.
  • Shirley has been a very committed counsellor over the years. She has much contribution to the community with her dedication to provide counselling services, particularly with the use of narrative therapy, for disadvantaged people, such as teenage mothers, sexual violence victims, young people and divorced couples.
  • Shirley has contributed to training of trainers of narrative therapy. She helps indigenize narrative therapy and apply the therapy with relevance to the Chinese culture. She has been involved in developing and delivering curriculum of advanced narrative practice training for trainers of local counsellors. Moreover, to enhance narrative counselling service of NGOs, she has been providing advanced training, supervision and consultations to helping professionals to enhance the quality of their services with different clients in the community.
  • Being recognized as a distinguished narrative practitioner in the international narrative community, Shirley has established strong network and collaboration with pioneers at the international narrative practice community. With her coordination, workshops on cutting-edge narrative practice were delivered by these pioneers first time in Hong Kong.
  • Researching on clinical practice has also been a focus of  Shirley who has conducted numerous research studies on evaluation of practice and co-creating narrative practice for diverse counselling clients together with therapists in the field. The research results have been disseminated through international and local conferences, seminars, workshops and publications.