Dr. Philemon Choi

Founder of Breakthrough, President of The Youth Foundation and Youth Global Network 突破創辦人, 青年發展基金及突破匯動青年會長

Dr. Philemon Choi Yuen-wan graduated from the University of Manitoba, Canada in 1971. After receiving his Medical Degree, Dr. Choi returned to Hong Kong and did his practice at Evangel Hospital. Dr. Choi co-founded the Breakthrough Magazine in 1973. Due to his deep concern for youth, Dr. Choi left his practice and furthered his studies at Trinity International University, USA and received his Master Degree in Counseling in 1977. In 2001, he had the award of the degree of Doctor of Social Sciences, honoris causa by Hong Kong Baptist University. He is also conferred the Honorary Professor by East China Normal University, Shanghai in 2006.

Dr. Choi is the founder of Breakthrough, and had served as the Director of Breakthrough, then General Secretary and eventually Honorary General Secretary of Breakthrough organization until June 2015. He is currently the President of The Youth Foundation and Youth Global Network. Under his leadership, Breakthrough has developed from one magazine to a multi-media youth organization. He is also active in community affairs, and is appointed by the Government of the HKSAR as members of various committees related to youth policy and youth services.

Dr. Choi is a regular seminar speaker on matters related to youth among parents and teachers associations, schools services and international conferences. He is also an author of a few best sellers and a regular contributor of youth magazines.

蔡元雲醫生於 1971 年畢業於加拿大曼尼托巴醫學院,獲取醫學博士學位,學成 後旋即返港,於播道醫院行醫。當時,因感香港青少年的困境和需要,於七三年 創辦《突破雜誌》,七六年蔡醫生再往美國 Trinity International University 攻讀心 理輔導,學成後回港至今。於 2001 年被香港浸會大學頒授榮譽社會科學博士學 位。並於 2006 年,上海華東師範大學授予名譽教授稱號。2008 年成為四川大學 華西醫院精神康復中心榮譽顧問。 2012 年加入理工大學客座教授。

蔡醫生為突破創辦人。曾任突破雜誌社長、突破機構總幹事及突破機構榮譽總幹 事,並於 2015 年 7 月卸任突破。 現任青年發展基金及突破匯動青年會長。而「突 破」亦從《突破雜誌》開始,逐漸發展成為一個多元化的青少年文化、教育及服 務機構。另一方面,蔡醫生積極參與社會事務,被香港政府委任為多個有關青少 年政策及服務的委員會成員。

蔡醫生亦是廣受歡迎的講員,經常在各家長及老師團體、學校、社會服務團體及 一些國際性會議中講論有關青少年的課題。