Dr. YUNG TSANG Sun May Grace 容曾莘薇博士

  • She was honoured with the Hong Kong Outstanding Educators’ Award in 1992.
  • Established the Green Pastures Whole Person Development Centre in 2002.
  • Experienced counsellor, family therapist, curriculum developer, teacher and clinical supervisor of counsellors and therapists
  • Satir Growth Model has been her counselling orientation and an anchor in her professional and personal development
  • The first scholar in the world to study Satir’s clinical supervision

         In the past 30 years, Dr Yung has committed herself to promoting the Satir Growth Model in Hong Kong and around the world. She has been a key leader of the Hong Kong Satir Centre, the first Asian elected as a board member of the Virginia Satir Global Network, and the first Asian to be granted the “Living Treasure” award by the Network in 2009