Mrs. IP YIM Yan Mun Bonny 葉嚴仁敏女士

I started my career as a school social worker in secondary schools and have had experience of relating with young people, and I am particularly interested in dealing with different types of disciplinary and emotional problems in young people. After entering City University, I taught in the Department of Applied Social Studies, later in the Division of Social Studies, and now in SCOPE. I love working with children, young people, and families. Not only am I a parent myself, but I have a special interest in the area of parenting. I believe that many youngsters’ problems are actually that of their parents. I have worked closely with parents and conducted many talks and workshops on parenting.

In addition to my training and work experiences, I hope I can live my life to the fullest, and I am involved in different types of community services, like the Hong Kong Professional Counselling Association, the Residential and Counselling Service of Youth Outreach etc. My hobbies include gardening, listening to light music, reading and watching movies.

I have served as a Committee Member and Council Member of the Hong Kong Professional Counselling Association ever since its establishment. I am teaching courses in Counselling and Psychotherapy, and my particular interest is in counselling. I like Person-Centered and Adlerian Counselling Approaches. Hong Kong is a stressful city, whereby many people are suffering from different emotional problems. It is important that as counselling professionals, we need to promote, advocate awareness, and understand healthy emotional and psychological health. Hope we are all aspiring towards this goal.