Dr KWONG Wai Man 鄺偉文博士

Academic background :

-Completed MSW degree in 1975

-Studied at OISE and obtained M.Ed.

(counselling and adult education), 1980-1981

-Completed Ph.D. (social work) at University of Bristol in 2002

Professional Counselling work experience:

-1981 to 1984: Providing parent counselling in the context of hosting parent education groups at the HQs of the Boys’ & Girls’ Clubs Association of Hong Kong.

-2011 to 2013: Providing parent counselling (in couple sessions) as an adjunct service of the Art Psychotherapy Service of the Boys’ & Girls’ Clubs Association

-Throughout his teaching career (1985 to 2016), he provided professional supervision to social work students undergoing practicum training in individual and family counselling practice in family service settings.

-2016 to present, he has been providing professional supervision to ‘certified counsellor’ candidates of the HKPCA.

Special Contribution to the Counselling field:

  • Dr. Kwong has high status as a competent teacher in the Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences, City University of Hong Kong. He is a pioneer setting up MSSC programme in the Department. In his professional work as a Social Work Officer, Dr. Kwong has served as School Social Work Supervisor, Youth Centre Supervisor, Outreaching Social Work Supervisor, and Youth Counselling Supervisor.
  • Dr. Kwong since 1970’s was a fieldwork supervisor in BGCA. We remain professional colleagues till the present day. While serving in
  • CityU in the late eighties, we worked closely together to organize conferences, overseas visits, plan training workshops and attend committee meetings.
  • Dr. Kwong helped to publicize and promote different types of counselling and training activities. Through his wide social network and rich experience in Youth work, he has been able to attract a lot of targeted participants to attend different types of workshops.
  • Dr. Kwong has proven to be very hard working both in and beyond his duty as a character and professionalism are beyond dispute. He is open, conscientious, and full of wisdom. He is a dedicated professional, a person with sound moral judgement and a strong sense of personal and professional ethics.