Prof HO Tin Hung Rainbow 何天虹教授

Academic background :

  • PhD, Social Work & Social Administration, The University of Hong Kong (2005) Professional Diploma, Dance/Ballet, The Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts (2001)
  • MPhil, Basic Medical Sciences/Anatomy, The Chinese University of Hong Kong (1990)
  • B.Sc., Biology/Biochemistry, The Chinese University of Hong Kong (1988)

Professional Experience :

  • Professor Rainbow Ho have been offering professional counselling and psychotherapy works and services to individuals, families, and groups since 2002.
  • Pioneer in Dance Movement Therapy, Holistic Mind-Body intervention, exercise as therapy, expressive arts therapy in Hong Kong and the region.
  • Outstanding researcher on the bio-physiological-psycho-social-spiritual impact on her various forms of intervention. Her training and publications are world leading making her an icon of evidence-based counsellor in the world.
  • Professor of the Department of Social Work and Social Administration as well as Director of the Centre on Behavioral Health, The University of Hong Kong.
  • She founded arts-based psychotherapeutic approach in her innovative clinical innovations which are widely shared through her public and community education programs.-

Advanced Research Areas:

  • Professor Rainbow is a world leader on evidence-based studies on psychosocial intervention, expressive arts therapy, dance and somatic movement therapy, addiction counseling, mind-body practices, and spiritual intervention for healthy and clinical populations across the life span.
  • She publishes her work actively and is also providing salivary cortisol and blood data as evidence of her counseling. Her research and use of arts models are being widely adopted in different parts of the world.

Contributions to Counselling Profession

  • Conventional sit-and-talk counseling is increasingly being replaced by expressive arts therapies, exercises, dance, songs, music, play, games etc.
  • Provided clear scientific evidence on how different forms of counseling can be measured in Hong Kong.
  • She offered supervision support and training on arts-based approaches to counsellors for many years and to promote on the importance of hiring counsellors in residential childcare home settings and for hard to reach populations.
  • Create an evidence-based culturally relevant expressive arts therapies and holistic well-being interventions in promotion of health and mental health