The Rt. Rev, Dr. Soo Yee Po Thomas

Chairperson, Programme Accreditation Sub-Committee, HKPCA

Thomas was ordained as a deacon and priest and then consecrated as bishop of the Anglican Church of Hong Kong (Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui ). He was the Diocesan Bishop of the Diocese of Western Kowloon and now is the Bishop Emeritus in the church. During his ministry, he had established the Counselling Service and became the director for twelve years apart from his other church, education and community work.

For almost forty years, he has involved himself closely with the counselling, pastoral care, clinical pastoral education, chaplaincy (college, school, prison and hospital) and spiritual direction movement in Hong Kong. He had been the Honorary Secretary for the Psychological and Educational Counselors in Asia (HK) and Hong Kong Professional Counselling Association in which he was also one of the founding member of HKPCA. He is the chairman/member of the chaplaincy committee of three hospitals as well as the chairman of the Pastoral Care and Counselling Association of Hong Kong for years.

He had been seconded to Chung Chi College as the chaplain and had taught in the theological and religious division for pastoral care and counselling subjects of the college for five years during his service to the church. He has retired now from office but is still very active in the service to the church and community. He sees God’s blessings and grace in the journey of counselling movement towards professionalism. He hopes that the movement or the individual counselor would still work from the heart. He prays that God would bless all those who work in this movement would have the peace and joy as well as hope that they may bless those whom they would encounter.