Dr WONG Wai Ching Paul 黃蔚澄博士

Academic background :

  • Doctor of Psychology (Clinical), Bond University, Australia, 2006
  • Master of Psychology (Clinical), Bond University, Australia
  • Bachelor of Social Sciences in Psychology (Honours), Bond University, Australia, 1998
  • Bachelor of Social Sciences in Psychology, Bond University, Australia, 1996

Professional Counselling work experience :

  • Associate Professor, Dept of Social Work and Social (2010-2016)
  • Adm., HKU Clinical Psychologist and Training Consultant, Centre of Suicide Research and Prevention, HKU, (2003-2010)

Advanced research area:

  • Suicide prevention and suicide crisis intervention, school based and web based mental health promotion, animal-assisted education and interventions

Special Contribution to the local counselling field:

  • Paul worked as a clinical psychologist and training consultant at CSRP since 2003and was one of the key persons in developing resources and conducting research on suicide prevention in HK
  • He was the developer and key trainer in many evidence-based resources on suicide prevention and promotion of mental health of the young people.
  • He has advanced knowledge of counselling and psychology. He has been contributing in the fields of suicide prevention, suicide crisis intervention, mental health, hidden youth and animal assisted interventions for the past 15 years and his work was recognized locally, regionally and internationally. He has published more than 70 academic articles in peer reviewed journals.
  • Paul is now Panel member of the Chief Executive Teacher Award for the Guidance and Counselling Panel since 2010.