Dr. Yuen Man Tak

I have been engaged in psychological counselling for 24 years. In 1989, I completed a Master of Arts (Education) in Counselling from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and in 1990 a Master of Science in Professional Educational Psychology from the University College London. I then commenced my career as an educational psychologist, conducting psychological assessment and counselling interventions with children and their parents. Since 1996 I have been teaching school counselling, gifted education and career development in the University of Hong Kong.  Each summer since 2010 I have planned and conducted self-understanding workshops for gifted secondary students.   I have developed and validated The Life Skills Development Self-Efficacy Inventories, and I have published more than 100 journal papers and book chapters. My current research focus is on students’ life skills development, self-efficacy, connectedness, and purpose in life. I am committed to enable individuals to develop their talents to the fullest.