Membership Status

The establishment of membership grading system is to support and grant recognition to those studying or working in counselling or related fields of work at different stages of their lives so they can enjoy and benefit from a wide range of up to date market information, programs and activities tailor-made to different members. This also provides a ladder of recognized road path for our members to continue striving for better qualifications by accumulating both academic and work experience in the counselling field.  

General Membership

Fellow 院士 (FHKPCA)

Those who have either a Doctoral or Master’s Degree in Counselling or a related field; have met the requirements for general membership; have at least 15 years of post qualification full time experiences in counselling work (practice/ research/ training) or equivalent, preferably with 8 years in direct counselling services (current or past); have significant contribution to the field of counselling; and being nominated by 2 HKPCA fellows and approved by the Association Council.  All nomination applications have to be initiated and applied directly by current HKPCA Fellows.

Associate Fellow 副院士 (AFHKPCA)

Those who have a Doctoral or Master’s Degree in Counselling or a related field* and have at least 10 years of  post qualification full time experience in counselling work (practice/ research/ training).

Member 會員 (MHKPCA)

Those who have a Doctoral, Master or Bachelor’s Degree in Counselling or a related field

Associate Member 副會員

Those who have a Bachelor’s Degree  of any discipline and having taken at least 100 documented contact hours of short courses, workshops or seminars in counselling and having participated actively in counselling related work.  OR

Those who hold Certificates or Diplomas in counselling in a related field*  that is equivalent to at least two years full time study at a tertiary institute. OR

Those who hold a Certificate or Diploma in Counselling.


Student Member 學生會員

Those who are currently undergoing training in counselling or a related field*. Student Members enjoy similar welfare as other general members (except voting right and professional indemnity insurance).

Affiliate 輔協之友

Those who have no training in counselling but are interested in counselling work. Affiliates enjoy similar welfare as other general members (except voting right and professional indemnity insurance) but they would be invited by working committees such as the Ethical Complaint Handling Panel (ECP) as voluntary basis upon necessary.

Online application is available for General Membership. Click here to apply now.

Professional Membership

Certified Counsellor (CCoun) 認證輔導師

Applications for professional membership are evaluated based on the applicant’s academic credential and supervised counseling practice experience. Certified Counsellor should complete a master or above degree in counseling or in a counseling–related field with a clear “theory” and “practice” component in counseling. The total number of contact hours in the academic program, including both the theory and practice components, should aggregate to 320 hours.  The following domains should be adequately covered in the “theory” component.   Compulsory domains include Counseling theories and orientation, helping process and skills, counseling ethics.  Other required domains (at least 3 of 5) include Human growth and development, Social and cultural foundation, Research methods and evaluation, Psychopathology and assessment, and group work. The applicant should have accumulated sufficient hours of supervised practice and supervision subsequent to the completion of training. Detailed ”Certified Counsellor Criteria’‘are listed on the website.

Candidate for Certified Counsellor 候選認證輔導師

Applicant who applied Certified Counsellor but has not possessed enough post qualification supervised practice hours or supervision hours would be considered as Candidate for Certified Counsellor.


  1. An applicant who has fulfilled Requirements 1 to 3, but not Requirement 4, may be considered as a Candidate for Certified Counsellor.
  2. Supervision hours should be supervised by HKPCA Approved Counselling Supervisor(s).
  3. The ratio between post-graduation Supervised Practice Hours and post-graduation Supervision Hours should be at least FIVE to ONE (5 : 1), which means for every 5 practice hours, there should be at least 1 supervision hour.
  4. In post-graduation group supervision, the maximum number of supervisees allowed in one supervision group should be SIX (6).

Approved Counselling Supervisor 認可輔導督導 (ACounS)

Applications for Approved Supervisor are evaluated based on the applicant’s academic credential, counseling practice experience, and counseling supervision experience. Requirements for HKPCA Approved Supervisor are as follows:

1.Possess a doctoral or master’s degree in counseling (or its equivalent);

2.Have 20 or more years of experience in providing counseling (including counseling training) and/or 10 years of post-doctoral or master experience in providing counseling; and

3.Have at least 5 years of  *full time * post-master experience in providing counselling supervision. It is equivalent to *at least* 1,000 hours; and at least 50% of time or 500 hours with direct supervisions to counselling practices excluding practicum (i.e. *up to 50% or 500 hours of supervision on* counseling practicum of students); and

4. Must be a HKPCA Certified Counsellor as a precondition

Online application is available for Candidacy of Certificated Counsellor graduated from HKPCA accredited programs. Click here to apply now.


Related field refers to 70% or above counselling related course modules in the academic qualifications.