Announcement for Journal coming up

Preamble and background: The Asian Journal of Counselling, co-published by the HKIER and the Hong Kong Professional Counselling Association (HKPCA) has already been published for over twenty years since 1992. Hyperlink as below:

It is the only bilingual academic journal related to the counselling profession published in Hong Kong. In order to inherit the spirit and rich experience of the Asian Journal of Counselling and at the same time to echo the growing diversified needs of the ever-changing society, we will publish a new journal named “Journal of Counselling Profession 專業輔導期刊” so that contemporary issues and global perspectives of counselling profession can be better addressed.641522534013585731

  • What is our Aim:
    The aim of the Journal of Counselling Profession is to publish work that sets trends and provokes fresh thought and innovation in the practice and understanding of counselling, psychotherapy and career guidance. The journal seeks to promote the integration of World-wide counselling theories and practice in the 21st century communicate, enrich and advance theory, research, policy and practice in these fields. We target to move toward a higher level of scholarship, and to make a stronger impact on the development of counselling in Hong Kong, the Chinese mainland, as well as other Chinese communities in Asia and around the world. In this 21st century, we need to maintain and improve the scholarly quality of this Journal, and at the sameajc1 time make it an informative, relevant, and useful resource for all those who are involved in the counselling profession. I realize that without a pool of potential authors and scholars, who contribute articles to the Journal, we would not be able to meet these challenges. Therefore, your active participation is much welcome and appreciated.
  • What is our Objective:
    We target to publish the journal 1-2 times a year. The Journal of Counselling Profession publishes original, full-length articles in any area of counselling and psychotherapy research: theoretical papers, experimental studies, single case studies, evaluative reviews of literature, and methodological developments (e.g., novel experimental and recording procedures and statistical analyses). The journal covers areas of counselling activities (including assessment, interventions, consultation, supervision, training, prevention, and psychological education), individual and group counselling, career development and vocational counselling, cross-cultural and multicultural counselling, and issues of ethics and values related to counselling. Both quantitative and qualitative methods are appropriate.
  • Who can be the contributor?
    HKPCA is open to all counselling professionals worldwide to be our paper contributors. All papers will be submitted electronically. Articles submitted for publication will be reviewed double-blinded and anonymously by at least one editorial consultant and one member of the editorial board within three months. Final decisions regarding publication are made by the Editor based on the recommendations by the reviewers. Applicants will be informed personally by the Journal publish committee for the progress and related administrative fee before online publish.CareNetCouns_Tree_web_2_
  • Who can be the editorial board member?
    All selected applicants will have an opportunity to be invited as being editorial board members. 
  • What is the publish timeline?
    We have sent first batch invitation letters to potential academic and counselling professionals worldwide by August 2016 with registration form. Submission deadline for the 1st issue is 30 November, 2016.  Should the manuscript review process not be finalized, for whatever reasons, the submission will be automatically put into future issues.

If you have any interest or queries submitting your manuscript, please contact HKPCA at or contact our Executive Secretariat Ms. Cynthia Yuen at 852-2334 7172.