Notice to Members

April 13, 2020

1.會員申請網上登記系統即將面世, 首階段為普通會員( General Membership ) 申請,令程序更快捷方便,減少郵遞延誤,縮減批核行政時間,詳情容後公布。

General Membership online application system will be launched this year. First stage will be eligible for General Membership single application ONLY. This system allows applicants more convenience, easier access and upload supporting documentation, more environmental friendly and reduce process lead time. Details to be announced later this year.

2. 2020年續會期已截止,如仍未續會的請盡快以電郵與本會聯絡, 謝謝各位繼續支持與同行!!

2020 membership renewal has been closed. For those members not yet renewed, please kindly contact us by email Thank you for your support all the years!

3.有關將會推出一項「會員最新購物優惠」,詳情待日公佈, 敬請留意本會網頁及Facebook。

We strive to fight for more valid Membership retail shopping privileges this year. Stay tuned for more details in our HKPCA official website and facebook! !

4.專業集體保險(只接受全會員Full Member 或以上級別者申請) 2020 年4-9 月份優惠套餐已公佈,詳情及申請方法,敬請留意網頁‘資源天地。

Professional Indemnity Insurance semi annual promotion package (ONLY eligible for Full Member category or above) 1 April -30 Sept 2020 has been announced. For details please visit our Website under Resources corner.