Notice to Candidates of Certified Counselors, Certified Counselors and Supervisors

May 18, 2020
  1. The maximum recognized number of ONLINE supervised practice and supervision hours to candidates of Certified Counselors are 20% of total hours to be fulfilled. The effective date is valid from 1 Jan 2020 till 31 Dec 2020 ONLY. (Extension of effective date is subject to association further update ONLY) 有關認證輔導師候選人 網上實習及督導時數, 本會只承認候選人總實報時數的20%作為 網上 實習及督導時數上限, 生效日期只限於2020年1月1日至2020年12月31日止。 (延長生效日期與否視乎協會更新通告)

2) Any extension of candidacy period from 5 years from the date of candidacy status granted to applicant, is subject to MPSC review and should apply formal email or post. 認證輔導師候選人實習及督導一般期限為由發出認證輔導師候選人 認可信開始計五年內完成。如需要因個別原因需要延長, 均需要個別致函本會MPSC 申請及待審批。

3) For Certified Counselor and Approved Counselling Supervisors annual CPD points accumulation for 2021 Jan membership renewal, the period has been extended for 12 months more, implying the CPD period will count from 1 Jan 2020 till 31 Dec 2021 (24 months). 專業級會員(指計算2021 續會) 持續進修學分期限,已由原來的2020年12月31日止延長多12個月, 即直至2021年12月31日。