“CANDO 勇破抑鬱谷” Program Free workshop by Hong Kong Baptist University

May 25, 2021

HKBU offers Free on site workshop for HKPCA members! Details are as below:

CANDO 勇破抑鬱谷” Program

is a local online counseling platform developed

by Department of Social Work in Hong Kong Baptist University for Hong Kong

people with depression. It is an evidence-based online mental health service

that adopts cognitive behavioral therapy approach. This training workshop

will introduce the CANDO program by briefing, sharing, watching case

demonstration videos, and program demonstration.

June Event Date: 12/6/2021; 22/6/2021 (2 identical full days every month till end of 2021)

Fee: Free of charge

Quota: 30 per day (first-come-first serve)

Venue: AAB1038, 10/F, Academic and Administration Building, Hong Kong

Baptist University

Language: Cantonese

Target participants:

-Counselling professionals especially those who have clients suffered from mild – moderate level depression

— Local mental health professional, including counselor, social worker,

clinical psychologist, psychiatrist, psychiatric nurse etc.

*Remarks: Video or auto-taking of the training workshop and the CANDO videos

are not allowed. Participants will be asked to sign a confidentiality

agreement in the workshop.

For interested parties, they should directly contact by email or hotline

Email: candobu@hkbu.edu.hk

Tel: 3411 5686  or  3411 7139

Direct Registration: https://forms.gle/HWqEnozXf6xrwC6R7

CANDO Program Website: https://cando.hkbu.edu.hk/

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